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/District 3 : Francine Raymond
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Vice President of Priorité Brossard – Team Paul Leduc from 2009 to 2013, Francine Raymond was elected councillor in 2013. She is Chair of the disabled persons committee, the families and seniors committee and the intercultural committee, and Vice Chair of the advisory committee on the environment and sustainable development.

Francine Raymond is also a member of Brossard’s finance, planning and traffic committees, the sub-committee for seniors’ week and the Carrefour action municipale et familles, which works to promote the interests of families and seniors.

The District 3 Councillor sits on the Board of Directors of Longueuil’s municipal housing office and the housing and social housing commission.

Dynamic and very much engaged in the Brossard community, Francine Raymond worked for over ten years on fund-raising activities for Action Intégration en Déficience Intellectuelle de Brossard, which supports intellectually handicapped people and their families. The councillor also helps organize an annual neighbourhood festival with the Loisirs Saint-Alphonse de Brossard organization, and this year with the participation of the Fondation d’entraide de Brossard.

A graduate of the Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec (ITHQ), Francine Raymond worked for 20 years in the customer service sector. She believes in Brossard, and she believes that the Priorité Brossard team is the one that will best protect the most disadvantaged and needy with respect and dignity.