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A mother of three young adults, Geneviève Grégoire has lived in Brossard for over 20 years and is running as a Priorité Brossard candidate in the 2017 municipal elections. Those who know her will tell you that Geneviève is a visionary, a generous and committed person who has, over the years, developed an acute sense of good governance and ethics.

“I hope to put my skills and many years of experience to work for the people of Brossard. Our city is recognized for its dynamism and its quality of life, and it is because I want it to continue forward in that same direction that I want to work with Paul Leduc and his team. Mr. Leduc is a man of experience and rigour who cares about our residents’ quality of life. ”

Geneviève Grégoire has an impressive resume. Early in her career, Geneviève was part of the founding team of Cognicase as Director of Human Resources. From its modest origins, Cognicase experienced phenomenal growth and employed some 6,000 people when it was acquired by a multinational company. After 10 years in the private sector, Geneviève made a choice to help the poorest of the poor. For seven years she was Director General of the Maison du Père, an organization helping the homeless, and subsequently Director General of the Women’s Y. Beyond her career, she made several humanitarian assistance trips to Guatemala.

Geneviève is currently Director General of the Société Alzheimer Rive-Sud. This organization, present in 32 municipalities across the Montérégie, comes to the aid of people with the disease and provides significant support for family caregivers. Ms. Grégoire was also Chair of the Board of Directors of the CISSS Montérégie-Est.

On the academic side, Geneviève Grégoire holds a Certificate in Pedagogy, a Bachelor of Business Administration, a Graduate Diploma in Public Administration from ENAP, and recently obtained her ASC (certified company director) diploma from Laval University.