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There’s a little bit of Paul Leduc’s DNA in the city of Brossard.

30 years ago, when Brossard was a young municipality without a real identity, Paul Leduc was elected for the first time with the firm intention of making Brossard an example in terms of quality of life, friendliness and development, but also and especially in terms of administrative rigour. Paul Leduc already saw the enormous potential of Brossard. But there was no question of rushing things. He wanted to grow Brossard, but at its own pace and above all by its own means, because Paul Leduc is first of all a banker by training, who worked for 35 years in management at the National Bank of Canada.

Paul Leduc’s political career began in 1986, when he was elected as municipal councillor for the “M” section. He ran for mayor of Brossard in 1990 and was elected by the citizens to lead Brossard into the future. He held the position until the municipal mergers of 2001. Although he thought his career in municipal politics had ended, many residents called on him to return to work and restore the city’s former dynamism. He accepted the call and resumed his duties as mayor in 2009 for a fourth term. In 2013, he obtained a fifth mandate.

Paul Leduc’s rigorous management style has been recognized over the years. In 1995, l’Actualité magazine named Brossard as the best managed city in Québec. In 2009, La Presse welcomed Paul Leduc’s return to politics, calling him “Mr. Clean”.
Among other things, Paul Leduc has invested himself in the Champlain Bridge replacement project and the implementation of a light rail transit system.

Beyond his professional activities, his community involvement has been remarkable. Among other things, he was Chair of the boards of directors of the CCIRS (the south shore Chamber of Commerce) (1985-86), the SMD (Montérégie development corporation, 1989 to 1999), Vice-Chair of the STRSM (now the RTL public transit system) and Chair of its finance committee (1994 to 2000). He has sat on numerous other boards of directors, including those of the Société de développementéconomique de la Rive-Sud (the economic development corporation), the Union des Municipalitiés du Québec, Collège Édouard Montpetit and Notre-Dame hospital, the latter as Chair of the finance/audit committee.

In 2013, the Governor General of Canada awarded him the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal to recognize his dedication to the municipal cause.Brossard’s future is more than promising, it is extraordinary. Brossard has become the real south pole of greater Montréal. And Brossard’s prosperity, its diversity and its quality of life carry the signature of Paul Leduc.