District 4 : Serge Séguin

/District 4 : Serge Séguin
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A graduate of the ITHQ in institutional cooking, she has worked in the field of food and customer service for many years. More than 20 years in private companies, she has also worked for 16 years with handicapped children.
From 2009 to 2013, she held the position of Vice-President of Priorité Brossard – Team Paul Leduc. First elected in 2013, she chairs the Disability Committee and is a member of several other committees.

She is dynamic and very committed to the citizens of her district. In collaboration with the organization Loisirs St-Alphonse in Brossard, she organized a neighborhood party that was a great success with the residents. It is also the instigator of the project of the new public market which was born in 2015.

She lives in Brossard with her partner for nearly 20 years and she is the mother of a boy.